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4 Reasons Why People Discontinue Their Workout Plans

November 3, 2016, Author: Ryan Malinowski

There are tons of reasons why people STOP following workout and training programs.

Below are  4 reasons we see quite often.

We’ll share each one with you……….as well as some specific advice………so that you’re better equipped to avoid these traps.

1. Lack of motivation

The person that starts working out strictly because of a New Years Resolution generally isn’t motivated to workout to begin with.

The fact that they needed to wait for the most popular day on the calendar to start exercising says that they probably are not super committed.

Working out is a lifestyle change and it starts when you are willing to commit to it.

A specific day or time alone shouldn’t force you to commit. The day you want to change is the day you should start.

Reaching your goals takes consistency, an effective plan, and dedication.

2. Not knowing what to do


The majority of the population does not know how to workout properly. It’s important we recognize this in order to help more people succeed.

There’s a massive amount of bad or incorrect information out there (magazines, internet, etc.) that’s written by so called “experts.”

They aren’t qualified to provide proper information regarding working out.

Many individuals attempt to mimic what others are doing and that creates a problem.

Remember: Everyone is different and all bodies do not respond the same. Therefore, you should never copy someone else’s routine to a tee.

Find an exercise regimen that’s just right for you!!!

3. Doing too much too fast

I’ve never met a marathon runner who woke up on a random Tuesday & decided, “I’m going to run 26.2 miles today.”

Have you?

I highly doubt it 🙂

To run a full marathon, it takes months (maybe even years) of deliberate endurance training.

This principle holds true for all forms of exercise. Our bodies naturally adapt over time based on the workload we put yourselves through.

This is why we get sore after the first few workouts when we haven’t exercised in months.

Way too many people jump back into working out too quickly, instead of easing into it and starting off slow.

This tends to cause soreness, aches, and pains that will ultimately discourage some from training altogether. You don’t want this to happen to you.

It’s difficult to go from doing nothing to an intense training regimen.

Take your time. Day after day, you’ll start seeing positive results 🙂

4. Unrealistic expectations

Everyone needs to have realistic expectations, specifically with how quickly it will take to obtain results.

This can be avoided by doing something as simple as setting short, mid, and long-term goals.

  • Short-term could be consistently making it to the gym 3 or 4 days a week.
  • Mid-term could be making it a point to stick to your routine for 12 weeks straight.
  • Long-term could be getting down to a certain body fat percentage or body weight by a set date.

Your goals should be clear before beginning any training regimen.

If you’ve been inactive for a long time, you can’t expect to see the results you desire overnight.

With a clear plan and commitment though, you can realistically achieve your goals.



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