Hiring for: Full Stack Developer

Looking to hire a talented Full Stack (mobile app) developer. Will join company as our technical lead & work alongside CEO.


  1. preferably a degree in Computer Science or similar field (if no degree, then you must hold equal real life experience)
  2. have been developing web and mobile products for several years. With previous work you can show that showcase your ability.
  3. Full Stack web developer with experience in the following: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Ruby, HTML/CSS, & PHP.

How to apply/inquire on the position:

Send all of the following to our CEO, Ryan Malinowski, by emailing him at

(please make sure to include all 3 parts below in full in your email…..or your response will be discarded)

  1. Send over a brief resume
  2. Share your past experience as it relates to this position (this could be a portfolio with examples of projects you’ve done, some apps you’ve built, etc)
  3. Lastly, make sure in your email response itself to include the following in written form:

A. Why the position & the product interest you (I understand you’ll need to learn much more about the app to fully grasp it 🙂 I’m just trying to get context on what intrigues you about it for now).

B. What skill sets do you have as a full stack developer that will make you the best possible fit to become a partner & early founding team member? (your credentials, past project experience, etc). Feel free to elaborate as much or as little as you’d like. This decision on who we bring on board with us will ultimately shape the direction of the business.

C. In order for your response to stand out from the rest, share something fun or interesting that you would like me to know….


  • could be a few fun facts about yourself
  • a life experience
  • a notable accomplishment(s)
  • or you could send over a short few minute video just introducing yourself (if that’s your style).

Since we’ll be working together, we need to have great business compatibility.

For context, you can find the app on your phone in both App Stores by searching our company name, Prolific Fitness.

Prolific Fitness (iOS)-

Prolific Fitness (Android)-

Looking over the app a bit will help give you a base level understanding of how the app functions (from a users perspective) and to learn more about the positions needs…

****If you’re a rockstar full stack developer who’s interested in joining us in this endeavor, we really look forward to hearing from you & chatting further…

If we think it’s a good fit…..we will then set up a convenient time for us to have a video (or audio) call to discuss much more details about the position.

Prolific Fitness