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Can I Afford a Personal Trainer

December 13, 2017, Author: Ryan Malinowski

Over the past year, I built and co-founded a fitness app startup. I get a lot of questions from people regarding health, exercising, and how to get back into better shape. One of the most common questions I routinely get asked is the following: Can I afford a personal trainer?

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4 Reasons Why People Discontinue Their Workout Plans

November 3, 2016, Author: Ryan Malinowski

There are tons of reasons why people STOP following workout and training programs. Below are  4 reasons we see quite often. We’ll share each one with you……….as well as some specific advice………so that you’re better equipped to avoid these traps. 1. Lack of motivation The person that starts working out strictly because of a New Years Resolution generally […]

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7 Excuses for Why You Don’t Have a Great Body

October 22, 2016, Author: Ryan Malinowski

One of the main reasons why individuals are unable to see great results with their health & fitness goals is because they make “EXCUSES” for themselves. Most make a lot of these excuses without even realizing it. If you can relate to any of these excuses below, you need to change your mindset and get […]

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Why Personal Training Programs Fail: A Plane without a Destination

January 14, 2015, Author: Ryan Malinowski

It’s 8:30 in the morning and you’ve just passed through airport security. You look up at the big screen and see your plane is still on schedule (what a relief). Proceeding down to your gate, you pick up a coffee and make one more phone call before putting your phone on “airplane mode.” You board […]


Maintaining Motivation and Dedication: 3 Ways to Stay on Track

July 12, 2014, Author: Ryan Malinowski

Maintaining motivation and dedication is probably one of the hardest things to do in a personal training program.  With these three simple suggestions, you will be well on your way to reaching your goals. Goal Setting I mentioned in an early post about the importance of goal setting.  It’s the easiest way to stay motivated.  […]

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