Online Personal Trainer: 11 Reasons Why You Could Benefit From One

December 3, 2014, Author: Ryan Malinowski

An online personal trainer can help you reach your ultimate goals.

Here’s 11 great reasons why:

1. Convenience

With an online personal trainer, you can work out anywhere you want to (at any time of the day).

2. Flexibility

If you’re going out of town for a few weeks, it may be tough to keep up with your average exercise plan. An online personal trainer can plan your program around situations that arise, taking the stress away for you!

3. Personalization

An online personal trainer can develop a customized fitness plan made just for you (cookie cutter training programs don’t work).

4. Adjustments

If you pull your back for 2 weeks or have a sore ankle, an online trainer can make the necessary adjustments you need.

5. Cost

Training with a local gym training member can cost you upwards of $50 per 1-hour session. Save that hard earned money by deciding to work with an online trainer instead. 

6. Motivation

Your trainer wants you to succeed and reach your goals. They are the coach that makes sure you stay on track during your plan.

7. Effectiveness

With an online fitness plan that’s created specifically for you, your chances of seeing success dramatically increases. A proper online fitness plans catered to your needs will work wonders! 

8. Judgement Free

At your local gym, you never know if the place will be full or empty when you walk in. Typical gyms can be intimidating and can make people feel self conscious, in a negative way. With an online personal training program, you have the choice to train at home, the gym, the office, or even on vacation (minus the vacation, let’s reward ourselves for our hard work then).

9. Comfort Zone

It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone will exercising in order to improve, but you shouldn’t have to worry about insecurities in your training environment. An online training program eliminates this all together.

10. Professionalism

Look for an online training program that is professionally run. One that has educated experts in the correct fields of study and puts your interests first. “A trainer that cares about your success is the one you want to be working with.”

11. Connection

Your online trainer is the friend that supports you to keep taking steps in the right direction!


-Ryan Malinowski

Professional Athlete & co-founder of Prolific Fitness LLC

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