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Why Personal Training Programs Fail: A Plane without a Destination

January 14, 2015, Author: Ryan Malinowski

It’s 8:30 in the morning and you’ve just passed through airport security. You look up at the big screen and see your plane is still on schedule (what a relief). Proceeding down to your gate, you pick up a coffee and make one more phone call before putting your phone on “airplane mode.”

You board the plane, the flight attendant gives you the typical smiling welcome, and you get situated at your seat.

The plane takes off smoothly and you’re up in the sky within minutes! This is usually when the pilot comes on the loud speaker to let you know how the weathers looking, set time for arriving at your destination, etc.

Instead, this time the pilot comes on the air and says, “Good morning folks, clear sky’s today with great visibility. We’re just going to fly around for a while and see where we end up.” 

What???? You and every other person on the plane is upset, because you had a set destination from point A to point B.

This above situation directly relates to you having a proper online personal training program. Much like a typical flight, you should expect to have a set plan from where you start to your final destination. Why wouldn’t you want the pilot taking you wherever he just felt like going? Because that doesn’t help you get to where you are headed.

A good online personal trainer doesn’t put you on a plan and hope you get to where you would like to go. They precisely evaluate your physical starting point and plan the correct route for you to take. With this personalized online training plan, you and your online trainer will both know exactly where you are heading. 

If you wouldn’t get on a plane without a destination, why would you get on board with a training program that doesn’t have one either?

Hopefully the above article got you thinking and you can now look for a quality online personal training expert, one who will really help you get to where you are going.

-Ryan Malinowski

Professional Athlete & co-founder of Prolific Fitness

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