Why To Start a Fitness Training Program before January?

December 20, 2016, Author: Ryan Malinowski

Many people wait until the cold weather is upon us before they decide to begin a healthy lifestyle. To achieve the desired results, an individual needs to begin training without using the New Year as an excuse.

Although it’s certainly better to start a program late than never at all, I am going to give you 5 solid reasons why getting started early is more beneficial.

Why should you start a Fitness Program before January?

1.Because there is no perfect time to start…

Whether you are new to training or you fell off the wagon and looking to get back on, you need to ease yourself into training and eating healthy.

Creating healthy habits isn’t something than can be done overnight.  It takes time and dedication.  If you’re looking for permanent results start now, start slow, and be consistent

 2. There will be time to ease into it…

When beginning a training program, most people do too much too fast.

They tend to jump right in and change everything all at once.  For most this does not work, but gradual changes and consistency will get you the permanent results you desire

3. Diet and exercise should be addressed year round…

Exercising and eating healthy is not something that can be done periodically or started and stopped.

Addressing both year round will create habits and those habits won’t go away.

4. Lean muscle tissue increases after initial strength gains…

If developing lean, tone muscle is something you want to achieve, it takes time.

Initial strength gains are from increased neurological development.  Muscular development occurs after the first 6 weeks of training.  Waiting to train will delay your body from building lean muscle tissue and the tone body you are looking for.

 5. Why wait?!…

If you are serious about creating a healthier lifestyle and getting into shape, ask yourself why not now?

Why wait for the New Year or a day?  There is no better time to start than now.  If you are unsure about how to train or eat healthy then look for an educated, certified fitness expert to help get you started.

Brandon Monin | MS, CSCS

Co founder, Prolific Fitness



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