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7 Excuses for Why You Don’t Have a Great Body

October 22, 2016, Author: Ryan Malinowski

One of the main reasons why individuals are unable to see great results with their health & fitness goals is because they make “EXCUSES” for themselves.

Most make a lot of these excuses without even realizing it.

If you can relate to any of these excuses below, you need to change your mindset and get back on the right track.

Excuse #1: I didn’t do it today, but I will tomorrow.

You will continue to procrastinate with this mentality).

Excuse #2: I’m too busy

If you had time for an hour of Facebook/social media and television, you had time to exercise).

Excuse #3: I’m too tired to exercise

Believe it or not, exercising will give your body more energy for you to have throughout your day.

Excuse #4: I have kids and can’t

If exercising is important to you, you will make it a priority to do so. With a good online personal training program, you can exercise at home without having to leave.

Another option is bringing them along with you.

Excuse #5: Exercising isn’t fun

Work isn’t always fun either, but you find a way to do it. Each individual enjoys different types of exercise, so it is your job to decide what is right for you with the help of a health professional or online personal trainer.

Excuse #6: I have an injury

Past injuries are a part of life, but you shouldn’t use them as a reason not to exercise altogether. You can still find plenty of exercises that are beneficial for your needs with the help of a professional.

Excuse #7: I don’t have the right genetics

Everyone has a unique genetic makeup and metabolism, but through exercise and solid discipline, you can get over many of your personal barriers.

Please try to eliminate these excuses yourself. They are only holding you back from seeing positive results. The 80/20 rule applies to fitness as well in that it is 80% mental, 20% physical.

“You will surprise yourself and do great things just by setting your mind on your goals everyday.”

-Ryan Malinowski

Co-founder | Prolific Fitness


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